If someone has already created a will, then decides to marry (or remarry), it’s not uncommon for them not to remember that the will may need to be updated. Here’s what to remember if this is your situation.

Does Anything Automatically Change in My Will if I Get Married?

No. Wills are legal documents that aren’t meant to change without human input. If you have a will that leaves assets to a former spouse who is now either separated or has passed away, your will needs to be changed to reflect that. It doesn’t happen automatically.

Do I Need a Full New Will if I Get Married?

You don’t have to start a new will from scratch. Your current will is still a legal document, and as such, it’s eligible to be updated and amended. It can be much quicker and easier than doing a will from the ground up. Reach out to your estate planning lawyer to determine which parts of the will need to be changed.

Are There Other Times I Should Consider Updating My Will?

In general, it’s a good idea to review your will every few years to make sure your wishes haven’t changed. But anytime there’s a significant life change, existing wills should definitely be reviewed to make sure they still reflect the wishes of the person whose assets are involved. Some of those life changes include:

  • Marriage or divorce
  • Death of immediate family members or dependents
  • Birth of children or grandchildren
  • Situations where some relationships have been severed (disinherited, estranged)
  • Children becoming legal adults

Let Me Advise You

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